I have teamed up with Bergstrom Skegs to put together a skeg for a Timbersled Backcountry Ski. The Gold Standard Triple Point Skeg. Specifically designed and tested for use on the Timbersled Backcountry Ski. It features a 1/2" host bar, three 6" inserts of continuous carbide (not segmented) and a hard weld wear surface on the leading edge.Tested the new skeg on trails, icy trails and bare pavement (and soon in the mountains!).1/2" host bar with the tight triple carbide configuration allows easy turn in on hard surfaces.18" total of carbide inserts.Lower steering effort.Improved straight line tracking on ice.Longer Life - if you wear one out you need to ride with a tire more often!This could be the last skeg you ever buy!No more sketchy handling in parking lots, no more catching on trail debris or the edge of the trailer - this is the one!The Gold Standard Triple Point Skeg flat out works! 18" of carbide! Weight under 1 lb! No darting! Less resistance! $99.99 - Canadian Customers can now purchase directly from the store!


Direct Replacement for 2206788 Center Skeg


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Original Gold Standard Triple Point Skeg for Timbersled Backcountry Ski

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  • Replaces Timbersled 2206788 Center Skeg